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COVID 19 Update

The pandemic has been a very difficult time for people across the globe. The situation provides many challenges to business and individuals.

We at ASP, are committed to work safely. The health of our clients, community and team is paramount, therefore we will continue to take extra precautions.

Staying Safe on Site Visits

Where required, we will still visit site to carry out inspections. Please see below what measures we will be implementing to keep you, and our team safe.

What we will do:

- Observe Social Distancing

When a project requires a member of our team to visit your property, they will observe social distancing guidance. This means, they will aim to maintain a 2 metre distance at all times, wear a face covering and use hand sanitiser before and after the visit.

- Increased Use of Virtual Meetings

Our team have access to virtual meeting platforms to ensure our clients can stay in contact safely. Should you require an update, please feel free to speak to our team who can schedule a call with you. If a site visit is needed, the aforementioned social distancing guidelines will be followed.

- Encouraging Working from Home

Since April, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure our office is safe through the use of screens and social distancing between our team members. Most recently, we have aimed to reduce the number of individuals in our office at one time, by encouraging some of our team to work from home. We are still able to operate at full capacity, and provide site visits.

What we ask from you:

- Observe Social Distancing

If a member of our team visits your property, we ask that you vacate the area if possible to ensure they can work safely. If the inspection is indoors, please try to open a door/ window to ensure there is a good flow of air through the property. We will aim to spend as little time as possible to reduce risk, and our team will try not to touch any surfaces but we recommend you wipe down any surfaces and door handles once the visit has been completed.

- Advance Booking of Site Visits

Prior to requesting a site visit, please contact a member of our team. When confirming the date of the visit, our team will ask a number of questions to ensure you, and non of your household is currently suffering with any potential COVID symptoms, as listed on the government website. If you, or any members of your household contract the virus prior to the appointment, we ask that you contact us and postpone the visit.

If you need more information:

Alternatively, speak to a member of our team.

Thank you for your understanding.

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