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Our Standards

Standards are of the utmost importance to ASP, both in terms of everyday work where only the highest standards are acceptable, and in terms of the Leisure Industry’s regulatory system standards. Adhering to such standards are critical given the nature of amusement devices.

It is no surprise, given that ASP were part of the Standards Committee itself, that ASP comply with the British Health & Safety Executive publication ‘Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: Guidance on Safe Practice’ (HSG 175) and the European standard – ‘Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety’ BS EN 13814). These standards are recognised as the best means of satisfying the requirements of the British Health and Safety at WorkAct. ASP personnel actively monitor updates to these regulatory requirements and attend relevant up-to-date courses to ensure compliance.

ASP’s Steve Parker represents the Theme Park Inspection and Consultancy Industry on many technical committees that are shaping legislation in the UK and Europe and also on some international (IEC) committees. The work involves detailed discussions of both a technical and quasi-legal nature and ensures a detailed understanding of the relevant legislation or technical standards.

ASP are also registered through ADIPS, being active members of NAFLIC – the industry-recognised organisation who are at the forefront of standards setting and best practice knowledge sharing. In order to best serve our clients ASP staff also hold additional memberships to various trade associations within the Industry.

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