Our client, Mellors Group, secured a five year contract to organise the world's largest touring entertainment event. This consisted of building new and modifying existing rides to send to Saudi, ensuring they adequately met the appropriate safety standards. ASP were asked to review a number of the rides and test them using Finite Element Analysis. Our work also included making visits to the rides to gain further information prior to producing CAD models.


Vtp global

Vertical Theme Parks are a new and welcomed evolution in the leisure industry. It is a towers situated in a fun and modern environment giving users the opportunity to experience the thrill of a ride whilst viewing the surrounding area. 

ASP are part of the team involved in making the towers a reality. We are responsible for the ADIPS Verification of the design, working alongside many large organisations. 


As ADIPS and IATP registered inspectors, ASP have been asked to carry out a large number of inspections at a variety of trampoline parks across both the UK, and Europe. 

Drayton Manor Park

We have assisted Drayton Manor Park with many projects over the years, with the most recent being the removal of G-Force. We have been involved with Apolocalypse, G-Force, Stormforce 10, Maelstrom and Shockwave at their park. Our work included Design Reviews, Initial Test Inspections and Assessment of Conformity to Design.

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