VTP – Vertical Theme Parks

Vertical Theme Parks (VTPs) represent the most exciting evolution in the leisure entertainment industry. These incredible towers combine architectural beauty with fun and technology, to create an unrivalled visitor destination that will transform urban skylines and redefine city entertainment.

ASP are proud to be part of the team behind these incredible city centre entertainment towers combining observation, extreme activities, real estate and most importantly, theme park rides at amazing heights. ASP are responsible for the ADIPS Verification of Design for the concept.

Additional Information

VTPs range from 100 – 350 meters with a library of over 50 interchangeable family and adrenaline rides. VTP Global, the highly experienced management team behind the concept, have an exclusive global partnership with Intamin of Switzerland – the world’s number one ride manufacturer.

Extensive R&D since 2007, combined with a unique business model, has generated significant investor interest, and VTP Global are currently in the process of finalising project finance deals with a number of major corporations and sovereign wealth funds, for a rollout of the VTP to some of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities over the next decade.