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Moving Forward

After more than 20 years without change, we are evolving our brand identity. Developed in house, the new logo and identity attempt to bring clarity and consistency across all our platforms.

ASP Logo with guides.

Progressive Change


Our new logo is designed to be clearer, the changes are an evolution- bringing our interfaces in line with current styles and values.

The Swirl has been tightened, with the geometry refined. The colours have been adjusted to refine the theme, creating a clear depth effect. The proportions of the logo overall have also evolved- resulting in clear, consistent repeatability. The feeling of the Swirl has been translated to the new typography, a custom Sans-Serif font with careful radii to highlight our attention to detail. The coming together of different disciplines, the initial thought process behind the Swirl, formed part of the inspiration for the typography. 

ASP Consulting report mockup.

Consistency & Clarity


All mediums have now been updated, providing you with the information you need in a clear, easy-to-follow manner.

Our identity aims to apply only the necessary, with smart and simple composition making use of negative space effectively. A new slogan, 'a design & engineering consultancy', aims to unify our ability in a single statement. It highlights the emphasis we place on working as a team, and the importance of working across the entire process. 

We spent a lot time refining the new direction, with the aim of creating a visual identity which could be built upon as we move forward. The philosophy is grounded in as little design as possible, forming a language which can be sustained regardless of trends.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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