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VTP - Vertical Theme Parks

Client: VTP Global 

Vertical Theme Parks (VTPs) represent the most exciting evolution in the leisure entertainment industry. These incredible towers combine architectural beauty with fun and technology, to create an unrivalled visitor destination that will transform urban skylines and redefine city entertainment.
ASP are proud to be part of the team behind these incredible city centre entertainment towers combining observation, extreme activities, real estate and most importantly, theme park rides at amazing heights. ASP are responsible for the ADIPS Verification of Design for the concept.
Visit VTP website for more info.

Trampoline Park Inspections

Client: - 

In the past few years ASP have been carried out a large number of trampoline park inspections across the U.K. and Europe as ADIPS and IATP inspectors.

Apocalypse Drayton Manor

Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park 

Drayton Manor’s Apocalypse is the tallest free fall tower in the UK at the present time. It is also the only current free fall stand-up tower with outward tilt in the UK and has been voted as The UK’s Scariest Ride by Channel 5’s The Gadget Show.
ASP conducted a complete design review, initial test and assessment of conformity design, applying our full process as described above. ASP was able to use our experience with all previous Amusement Devices as a firm basis for this review although notable differences included the passive Magnetic Braking system, which required analysis of Electromagnetic Flux variations resulting from Electrical storms and the possible effects on braking.
The analysis of the complex slender steel track structure and the provisions for maintenance and evacuation presented a challenge, which was successfully met by our engineering team.

Gold Mine Coaster

Client: Greenspace Leisure Ltd. 

The “Gold Mine Coaster” ride is a family type roller coaster featuring a one drop and a layout suitable for adults and children. It is a mobile installation or ‘Park’ model, occupying a plan area of 22m x 12m. The maximum height of the track is 3.6 m which is supported on trestles resting on timber packers.
ASP conducted a complete design review, initial test and assessment of conformity design, applying our full process as described above.

G-Force Drayton Manor

Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park 

Drayton Manor’s G-Force is an open topped roller coaster with upper body freedom never seen before in the UK. The only X-Car coaster in the UK, G Force uses a unique inverted chain lift, similar to a standard vertical loop, meaning that when you reach the top, you’re fully upside-down. G-Force also boasts 3 inversions in a rare roller coaster element: a Bent Cuban Eight.
ASP conducted the complete design review, assessment of conformity to design and initial test for this ride. The design review process involves rigorous hazard identification and risk assessment using Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis in order to focus the engineering assessment of the ride towards areas of higher risk.
The design review engineering assessment itself included complex fatigue calculations for all cyclically loaded elements, Finite Element Analysis, containment system ergonomic assessment, control system analysis (including software review) and production of an exhaustive initial test schedule.

Stormforce 10 

Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park 

Drayton Manor’s Stormforce 10 was the UK’s first reverse water coaster ride with a 180 degree platform that sends boats backwards down an amazing 9 metre drop. It also incorporates a final run off the lake. Opened in 1999 and manufactured by BEAR, the ride recreates the story of a lifeboat rescue and was launched in association with the RNLI. It holds the title of the world’s first charitable ride, accepts donations on site and makes a donation to the RNLI for every ride photograph sold. 


Client: Flamingo Park 

The Paratrooper is a ride that consists of a large wheel/ carousel with suspended gondolas attached to it. The wheel revolves about a central hub, which is mounted to the boom. The boom lifts to an angle of 35 deg while the wheel continues to revolve. The lift is provided by a single cylinder attached to the base frame/ trailer.  There are 12No gondolas, each having seating for 2No. passengers.
ASP Consulting were to carry out a review of the information held on the amusement device and to perform design review on the amusement device in accordance with EN 13814:2004.


The process involved carrying out a dimensional survey to verify any drawings, a detailed review of the calculations provided and the production of a design risk assessment and based on the risk assessment the production of calculations (if deemed necessary) of elements identified as being safety critical.


Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park 

Drayton Manor’s Maelstrom was opened in 2002 and is a swinging, rotating arm pendulum device, manufactured by Intamin, measuring 23 metres in height.
ASP’s engineering staff carried out the ADIPS Design Review, Conformity of Design and Initial Test Inspections for the device to ensure it met the appropriate European Standard EN 13814: 2004 “Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety”.

Helicopter Ride

Client: PM Rides 

ASP were commissioned by PM RIDES, Redhill to undertake the Initial Test and Assessment of Conformity to Design of their new ‘Helicopter Ride’ Amusement Device.
The Helicopter Ride is a family based rotating type Amusement Device, with lifting elements, designed and manufactured by PM Rides. The 8 Car carousel rotates around a fixed centre, the carousel also lifts.


Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park 

Drayton Manor’s Shockwave was 
Europe’s first stand-up rollercoaster and is still only one of two in Europe. Built by Intamin in 1994, it was voted ‘The Best Stand-Up Rollercoaster in the World’ by the Rollercoaster Club of Great Britain, and is the only stand-up roller coaster with a zero-gravity roll, reaching heart-racing speeds of 53mph and delivers accelerations of up to 4 g.