G-Force Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor’s G-Force is an open topped roller coaster with upper body freedom never seen before in the UK. The only X-Car coaster in the UK, G Force uses a unique inverted chain lift, similar to a standard vertical loop, meaning that when you reach the top, you’re fully upside-down. G-Force also boasts 3 inversions in a rare roller coaster element: a Bent Cuban Eight.

ASP conducted the complete design review, assessment of conformity to design and initial test for this ride. The design review process involves rigorous hazard identification and risk assessment using Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis in order to focus the engineering assessment of the ride towards areas of higher risk.

The engineering assessment is then carried out in detail for each functional component in order to either demonstrate how the manufacturer has addressed an issue by design, or providing recommendations for operation or maintenance. A hazard log is produced, which cross-references all identified hazard causes with the detailed engineering assessment that addresses them. This process was successfully applied to the device, resulting in a high degree of assurance for the ride owners and operators, that risks related to the design of the ride have been identified and controlled.

The design review engineering assessment itself included complex fatigue calculations for all cyclically loaded elements, Finite Element Analysis, containment system ergonomic assessment, control system analysis (including software review) and production of an exhaustive initial test schedule.

All of these, as well as witnessing the actual initial test and conformity assessment were conducted in house by ASP’s team of experienced Civil, Structural, mechanical & electrical engineering specialists.